MC USA Sexualized Violence Response Assessment: Cultures & Contexts in a Harrisonburg Abuse Case

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Stephanie Krehbiel, PhD and Jennifer A. Yoder, as co-directors of Into Account, have assessed the responses of Mennonite Church USA, Virginia Mennonite Conference, Eastern Mennonite University, and Lindale Mennonite Church to sexualized violence.

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Into Account has assessed the reports of witnesses, survivors, and key parties, as well as any available policies and practices at associated organizations and institutions. At Into Account, trusting survivors as credible witnesses to their own experiences is paramount to our mission, and supported by decades of research into the myth of “false reporting.”

Using our expertise in critical analysis, sexual violence, institutional violence, trauma, and survivor support, we have asked:

  • What needs to be done to effectively address the threat of sexual violence and abuse?
  • What needs to be done to provide justice for survivors of sexual violence and abuse?
  • What are the obligations of institutions with deep-rooted peace and justice theologies when addressing violence in their own contexts?

This standard is distinct from that of a report that measures whether or not the institutions in question adhered to minimum requirements mandated by state and federal laws.

Longer format of the timeline available here.


This assessment expresses the expert opinions of Into Account.

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