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#Believe Survivors Means What, Again?

by Hilary Jerome Scarsella

8461568619_9437febd13_oA lot of this angst in the news these days around believing women could be sorted, I think, with some focused attention on what belief actually is in day-to-day human experience. In current popular resistance to the idea of believing women and survivors of sexual assault, folks are treating belief as if it is a magical state entirely unwarranted by reason, like a child’s belief in Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny. But even these examples suggest that belief is more than that. Children who believe that these holiday characters are real actually do have good reason: the adults who they trust to help them learn about the world have, in most cases, told them so.

Belief, as in a child’s reasonable belief in Santa Claus, can be inaccurate.

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Institutionalized Voyeurism, Kavanaugh, and linear narratives

by Hayley Brooks


When we shift from understanding rape and sexual violence as scandal to what it actually is, violence, we also shift our attention from linear narratives to cyclical narratives of impact.

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Action Alert: Tell Goshen to Listen to Survivors

goshen entranceThe goal is simple: Empower victims to speak, and encourage the kind of transparency that makes abuse harder to hide or ignore.

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