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With the support of people like you, we provide resources to survivors of sexual, spiritual, and other abuse in Anabaptist and other Christian contexts.


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Action Alert: Tell Goshen to Listen to Survivors

goshen entranceThe goal is simple: Empower victims to speak, and encourage the kind of transparency that makes abuse harder to hide or ignore.

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Why Abuse Survivors Still Think Twice Before Telling their Stories: Retaliation At Goshen College

DhG9btnVMAEOdCPWhen college officials decry survivors’ use of social media, it’s time to pay extra attention to the content of what has been posted.

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The Heart of Accountability: Interview with Stephanie Krehbiel, as Illustrated by Cats

Picture of siamese cat with blue eyes

Stephanie Krehbiel, PhD with honors

Several weeks ago, Into Account Executive Director Stephanie Krehbiel sat down with Rebecca Barrett-Fox, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Arkansas State University and author of God Hates: Westboro Baptist Church, the Religious Right, and American Nationalism, for a talk about accountability, specificity of sexualized violence in Christian contexts, and a “day in the office” supporting survivors.

(This interview originally appeared on the Mennonite-themed blog that Rebecca co-writes with writer Joel Mathis, sixoh6.com. Thanks to Rebecca and Joel for generously allowing us to republish it here.)

Get yourself a nice cup of tea and prepare for some fierce honesty and biting humor from the kindest, smartest, bravest advocate I know – oh, and to her chagrin, I can’t fail to mention her PhD (with honors). The doctor is in. – Jay Yoder, Into Account Advisory Board

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Let’s Have a Locker Room Talk

At many small liberal arts colleges, however, athletic departments have direct relationship with the lifeblood of their colleges: they function as recruitment machines, and without them, some colleges wouldn’t have high enough enrollment numbers to stay open.

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Responding to reports of abuse: Who’s getting it right? And where does theology come in?

It’s a perfectly fantastic question. Who is not making a mess of sexual violence reports, and how can we hold up these instances of success as models for others to follow?

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