Do Not Let Your Heart Beat Hope

Our Stories Untold

Jennifer (Jay) Yoder | August 11, 2016

“I’m going to destroy you, and I know exactly how.”

That’s the sentence that started a two-year run for me, one from which I’m still recovering, of a feral, terrified, and isolated existence. That’s the sentence that launched my former lover, partner, friend – the most trusted person in my life, into my predator, stalking me quite literally, as his prey.

Yes, his behavior leading up to it had slowly descended into violence in all the stereotypical ways that embody the characteristics of an abusive relationship. And yes, the day that I left him for good was marked by his murderous and explosive violence, from which I was extremely lucky to emerge alive.

But it was that sentence that launched me into an existence so filled with terror it nearly resulted in my suicide.

“Do Not Let Your Heart Beat Hope”

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