Our Stories Untold

Into Account is honored to host Our Stories Untold, a website designed by and for sexualized violence survivors. Read more about the history of Our Stories Untold here.

Our Stories Untold offers a public platform through which survivors of sexualized violence are welcomed to speak. Speaking up and refusing to carry the burden of keeping the life-destroying secret of sexualized violence can be a powerful part of survivors’ processes of rebuilding ourselves and our lives in the aftermath of violence. Because sexualized violence thrives in secrecy, breaking the silence – one story at a time – is also an act that cracks away at systemic perpetuation of sexualized violence in our communities.

Because it is our priority that OSU be an environment in which people who share testimony of sexualized violence can feel supported in doing so, comments made on personal testimony are carefully moderated. We do our best to cultivate this space to be one in which people who have suffered sexualized violence can be heard and received with support and respect.

We welcome accounts that focus on any part of a survivor’s experience of living life as a person who has experienced sexual harm, including accounts of that harm, of its effects, of retraumatization, of transformation, of resilience, etc. We also welcome accounts from family members, friends, and others secondarily impacted by sexualized violence so long as these are written and offered in explicit solidarity with sexualized violence survivors.

We offer support to survivors and their loved ones through the writing process. Have an experience you want to share and don’t know how to begin? You are most welcome to send us a message.

Because Our Stories Untold amplifies the voices of sexualized violence survivors, we are also a place where others can come to learn about sexualized violence, its repercussions, and what it takes for loved ones, faith communities, and institutions to stand with survivors and actively resist the perpetuation of sexualized violence and the trauma it creates for victims.

In all of our work, we are committed to addressing sexualized violence through an intersectional lens that considers the ways that race, culture, class, age, ability, gender, sexuality and more impact our understanding of sexualized violence and what needs to be done to stop it. Check out our philosophy of operation if you want to know more about how we approach the work we do.

All who connect with Our Stories Untold are also welcome, if they choose, to take advantage of the services and resources offered through our parent organization, Into Account. And, if you would like to connect with Into Account but don’t want to share a story through Our Stories Untold, you are perfectly welcome to do that too. Into Account offers additional tools for pursuing accountability and change, and Into Account works with survivors on a case-by-case basis to create plans that fit individual needs.

Want to submit a story?

Send us a message. We will believe you. We will be glad to hear from you. And, we will write back within a week to welcome you and introduce you to our process for moving forward.

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