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Survivors and whistleblowers, you can submit a confidential report of harm in Christian settings to Into Account. You can control who (if anyone) finds out, and what (if anything) happens next.

Jay’s Story (Education is Power, Part III)

When I sketched out the shape of our Education is Power series, I envisioned a three-part release of informative articles that could help people understand what is at stake for sexual violence survivors in an attack on Title IX. That was back in July. I had it planned...

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An Open Letter to Administrators

On October 5, Into Account's staff sent the following letter to the administrators of U.S. Mennonite colleges, universities, and seminaries. The list of schools includes our personal alma maters, as well as schools attended by some of the survivors for whom we have...

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Introducing Hilary Jerome Scarsella

We’re thrilled to announce that Hilary Jerome Scarsella will be joining us at Into Account as our Director of Theological Integrity. Hilary is a recognized writer, speaker, and scholar, with expertise in the intersections of theology and trauma, especially with...

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Our primary commitment is to make ourselves available to survivors who want strategic support as they navigate their options following an experience of sexual violence, whether that experience happened recently or decades past.

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