Our approach to faith

If you read through posts on the Into Account blog and survivor narratives on Our Stories Untold, you’ll notice that some of our writers speak directly about their faith and about God, and some don’t. That range is an honest representation of our staff, board, and clientele: some of us are religious, some of us aren’t, and some of us don’t see ourselves reflected in available labels pertaining to faith or lack thereof.

What’s constant, for us, is a commitment to understanding the role that religion plays in the lives of survivors, and supporting survivors who have experienced abuse in the context of a faith tradition. We founded Into Account in 2016 in response to the sexual, spiritual, and emotional abuse that we were seeing and experiencing in Christian churches and faith-based organizations. Whether or not the survivors of that abuse were still active in churches, they were dealing with repercussions that had a religious dimension. Religion had been weaponized against them, and understanding how that happened was a vital part of their healing.

For some survivors of religious abuse, reclaiming faith is subversive, healing, and wonderful. For others, leaving faith communities entirely is life-changing liberation. Regardless of where you stand in relation to faith, the thing you probably need the least is more judgment from other people. We’ll always do our best to meet you where you are.

We affirm beliefs and practices that build us up, bring us hope, and make us more compassionate humans. We speak out against beliefs and practices that perpetuate abuse and hurt survivors. You can read more here about the principles that shape our advocacy and activism.

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