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Stephanie Krehbiel, PhD, Executive Director, Co-Founder

stephanieheadshots1(1)Stephanie Krehbiel is a scholar, advocate, and speaker with expertise in social change movements, trauma, and institutional violence. She holds a PhD in American Studies from the University of Kansas, with a graduate certificate in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Trained in ethnography and oral history, Stephanie works with survivors who want to tell their stories in a public forum. As an advocate, Stephanie specializes in working with student activists concerned with campus sexualized violence, as well as LGBTQ justice issues. In addition, she consults with administrators and church leaders who are interested in making their communal spaces safer and more attentive to trauma.

Her writing can be found on Religion Dispatches, Somatosphere, Our Stories Untold, and The Mennonite, as well as the Into Account blog. Stephanie’s dissertation, Pacifist Battlegrounds, examines the definition of violence and the gender politics of Christian pacifism against the backdrop of LGBTQ organizing in the Mennonite Church USA.

Hilary Jerome Scarsella, PhD., Director of Theological Integrity

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Hilary J. Scarsella is a scholar, speaker, and advocate with expertise in trauma, theology, ethics, religious practice, and policies relevant to sexual violence. Her work at Into Account focuses on direct partnership with and advocacy for survivors. She is the the primary point person on the IA team for assessing the implicit and explicit theological dimensions of community practices, policies, social patterns, modes of communication, etc., so that the religious dimensions of survivors’ experiences of violence and survival can be named, validated, and – when need be – addressed in the communities that produced them.

In addition to working directly with survivors, Hilary develops resources to support high quality theological education on the subject of sexual violence. As a part of that work, she consults with religious leaders and communities who want to make their theological vision, language, worship, religious practices, and community policies more trauma-informed, mindful of sexualized violence survivors who are members of the community, and wise with respect to members who are perpetrators. Outside of her work with Into Account, Hilary is Visiting Assistant Professor of Theology & Ethics at Memphis Theological Seminary.

Erin Bergen, Student Advocacy Coordinator

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Erin Bergen is a preschool teacher in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Erin attended Goshen College, IN, from 2014-2016. In 2015, she was trained by the Know Your IX organization in Title IX law and student advocacy. With her new found knowledge, Erin worked to rewrite the website, policies, and procedures for the Goshen College Sexual Misconduct Response Team. She started a Survivor Support Network for student survivors of gender violence and did peer-led bystander education trainings. While trying to bring Goshen College into compliance with governmental regulations, she reported her own case of sexual assault as a student. The retaliation and inappropriate conduct of the investigators led Erin to drop out and file a Title IX complaint with the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights. The federal government chose her case for investigation, and found that her complaint was substantiated.

Since then, Erin was trained by the Connecticut Alliance to End Sexual Violence as a crisis counselor and advocate. She worked with the emergency hotline and did hospital accompaniments for survivors of sexual violence. Erin works to make her feminism and activism increasingly intersectional and abolitionist.

Erin’s favorite color is yellow. She has one dog, whose name is Muppet. Muppet is perfect.

Board of Directors

Katherine B. Wiens M.Ed, LPC, Chair

publicity photoKathy is a former teacher, a licensed counselor, and is training to become a trauma coach. Kathy is part of the Dove’s Nest speaker’s bureau, and speaks frequently to church audiences on the subjects of child protection policies and child abuse prevention. She’s currently compiling an educational resource for churches on working with perpetrators’ families. Kathy ‘s memoir, Bars, Dumps and Other Childhood Hangouts, is vital reading for anyone who wants to better understand the experiences of children who are removed from abusive families of origin.

Jennifer (Jay) Yoder, Development Chair, Co-Founder

13781936_1296792860348899_1182280341011460091_nJennifer (Jay) Yoder began sexual violence advocacy in college at Ohio State University, co-chairing the anti-violence group on campus, and organizing the Columbus, OH Take Back the Night event. Jennifer sat on a university panel to update the sexual violence policies for OSU, filed an Office for Civil Rights complaint against OSU for the standard of evidence required in sexual misconduct cases, and won a more reasonable standard of evidence. In addition, Jennifer supported another student in filing a Clery Act complaint against the university, and OSU was investigated and found in violation.  Jennifer also chaired a campaign to remove the head of Judicial Affairs from office, which led to his removal and replacement with a much more qualified candidate.

Trained as sexual violence advocate at SARNCO (Sexual Assault Response Network of Central Ohio), Jennifer supported rape survivors during rape exams in hospitals; counseled callers to a rape crisis hotline; and taught workshops and trainings on consent, working with trauma survivors, and self-defense.

Jennifer spent time working as the Victim’s Services Coordinator for Ohio’s statewide coalition, The Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence, supporting rape crisis centers, training police officers and attorneys, and supporting survivors around the state. Currently, Jennifer is a social justice activist, community organizer, advocate, and educator, with expertise in undoing oppressions such as racism, sexism, and queerphobia. Jennifer also co-founded Pink Menno, a movement for queer inclusion in the Mennonite Church.

Andre Swartley, M.A.

Swartley-AndreAndre Swartley is a writer and indie publisher in Newton, Kansas. He is on the faculty at Hesston College, where he has been instrumental in encouraging better policies and practices around sexualized violence. He is an award-winning author of four young adult novels. Andre updates and maintains Into Account’s private archive of abuse reports, and works with individual survivors to locate police and court records.

Terri Russ, J.D., PhD

35634172_10216598586020120_6170394624411041792_nTerri Russ lives in South Bend, Indiana, and teaches Communication Studies and Gender and Women’s Studies at Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame. Terri is also an attorney with a background in victim advocacy, and has been invaluable to us when we or our clients have needed guidance around legal issues. She’s a committed justice activist and serves as the Board President for The LGBTQ Center in South Bend as well as being the founder of the Michiana Women Leaders Project.

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